Trustee Services

At NWT, we understand that when a trust is created by its settlor, the rights of the beneficiaries need to be strictly respected and guarded upon by us, as trustees. In fact this forms the essence of the fiduciary duty conferred upon us by the settlor in his letter of wishes.

We deliver the following trustee services to our clients:

  • Establishment and administration of trusts
  • Provision of corporate and individual trusteeship
  • Incorporation and administration of underlying companies
  • Book keeping and accounting services
  • Banking & legal services (through our affiliates or other reputable institutions)
  • Liaising directly with the settlor, advisors, investment managers and beneficiaries to ensure the safeguarding of assets and for comfort as to succession arrangements
  • Setting up and administration of Private Trusts (PTC)
  • Provision of managed trust company services
  • Trust migration
  • Assistance in filing of tax returns