Our Services

The NWT Group is able to offer to its clients a multi-jurisdictional and innovative approach to optimise their structures.

We offer the following services, amongst others:

Corporate Services:

NWT provides its clients with a broad range of corporate, advisory and secretarial services. All of our structures are in full compliance with the regulators’ requirements per the corresponding jurisdictions in which they are incorporated.

We provide the following comprehensive services to both ‘stand-alone’ companies and groups of companies:

  • Company formation
  • Provision of nominee shareholders & corporate directors
  • Provision of professional individual directors
  • Company secretarial services
  • Provision of registered office and registered agent
  • Full administrative services including statutory compliance, asset purchase & sale transactions, insurance policies and day-to-day administration
  • Banking and legal services (through our affiliates or other reputable institutions)
  • Investment services through our specialist providers
  • Liaising with regulators & authorities for statutory filings
  • Assistance in filing of tax returns
  • Book keeping and accounting services
  • Accounts auditing through our specialist providers
  • Company migration


Trustee Services:

At NWT, we understand that when a trust is created by its settlor, the rights of the beneficiaries need to be strictly respected and guarded upon by us, as trustees. In fact this forms the essence of the fiduciary duty conferred upon us by the settlor in his letter of wishes.

We deliver the following trustee services to our clients:

  • Establishment and administration of trusts
  • Provision of corporate and individual trusteeship
  • Incorporation and administration of underlying companies
  • Book keeping and accounting services
  • Banking & legal services (through our affiliates or other reputable institutions)
  • Liaising directly with the settlor, advisors, investment managers and beneficiaries to ensure the safeguarding of assets and for comfort as to succession arrangements
  • Setting up and administration of Private Trusts (PTC)
  • Provision of managed trust company services
  • Trust migration
  • Assistance in filing of tax returns


Fund Services:

NWT provides a full array of fund administration services for both open-ended and close-ended collective investment schemes. Such services include but are not limited to:

Fund Formation

  • Preparation/Review of fund offering documents
  • Arranging and forwarding of applications to relevant regulatory authorities
  • Coordinating the preparation and execution of agreements with advisers, investment managers or other service providers
  • Support in the setting up of fund accounting policies and fund operational procedures
  • Establishment of bank & custodial accounts


Shareholder Care

  • Maintaining the shareholders’ register
  • Processing  subscriptions, redemptions, exchanges and share transfers
  • Conducting due diligence procedures on shareholders
  • Coordinating the communication with shareholders
  • Processing dividend payments


Accounting and Administration

  • Maintaining books & records  
  • Preparation of annual/monthly financial statements
  • Calculation of Net Asset Values on any frequency
  • Managing the implementation of fund accounting policies and fund operational procedures
  • Calculation and payment of service providers’ fees (e.g. investment management & performance fees)
  • Liaising with the custodian to process settlement of sales & purchases of securities
  • Preparation of portfolio valuation reports (& other reports)
  • Coordinating year-end audits



  • Monitoring the fund’s compliance with relevant legislation & regulations
  • Communicating with regulators
  • Communicating with auditors (& any other stakeholders)


For clients who are more comfortable with a civil law approach to fiduciary structures, we can provide them with a distinct legal entity known as a ‘Foundation’.

The corresponding services that we provide include:

  • Establishment of the foundation
  • Preparation of the foundation’s by-laws
  • Provisioning of the council members
  • Provisioning of the nominee shareholders
  • Daily administration & accounting of the foundation
  • Liaising with the founders & their advisors to establish the most effective asset management satisfying the foundation requirements


Other Services:

We can provide the following other ‘tailor-made’ structures & services:

  • Treasury & Investment services
  • Accounting services
  • Support services
  • Outsourcing services


Please contact us directly for more information on any other services you may require.

Our independence guarantees unrestricted access to the best providers of financial and legal advice. We can also work directly with our clients' designated advisors for tax efficiency & compliance purposes and to ensure that their personal priorities are kept in line with their objectives.