Mauritius At A Glance

Port-Louis – Mauritius

Mauritius has positioned itself as an international financial centre since 1992. The unique characteristics of Mauritius are first and foremost its political stability. Mauritius thrives in a democratic system of governance since its independence in 1968 and regular free and fair elections are held generally every four years.

The island has a hybrid legal system where the Civil Code is the governing legislation for all civil matters and common law for all commercial and corporate matters. It has a dynamic legal profession which strives to stay abreast of international trends. The highest appellate jurisdiction in Mauritius remains the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The banking sector is regulated by the Bank of Mauritius and is serviced by a mix of local and international banks providing a world-class service.

Mauritius offers a range of incentives to international investors through its wide network of ‘Double Taxation Treaties’ (DTTs) and ‘Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements’ (IPPAs). The island boasts a pool of multilingual & highly skilled professionals, and holds a good telecommunications infrastructure including ADSL, ISDN and broadband with international leased lines and a wide internet access.

NWT Office

Our office is ideally located in the financial district of Port-Louis, the country’s capital city and the heart of the economic activity on the island, which offers a vibrant business environment to clients, agents and employees alike.

Our staff has been handpicked from the best in their fields and are mainly graduates, whilst some are continuing their professional development by furthering their academic qualifications others are brushing up on their acquired qualifications. They draw in-house support from talented professionals who count several years of experience in the financial sector. NWT (Mauritius) Limited is regulated by the Financial Services Commission and its experience dates back to the birthing years of Mauritius as an international financial centre. The wide network which we have built over the years with overseas partners, local banks, legal firms and government authorities ensures that we have the widest access possible to required advice and support from respected professionals both locally and internationally.